TOP 8%

Three out of five sales take at least five continuous follow up efforts before a client says YES, yet only 8% of sales people have the tenacity to make five or more follow ups.*  We build these marketing automation and prospecting systems into your existing database, so your data is worked to its full potential.


Still sending generic information to clients, like a company stock list? This says to your client that you don’t really know what they want and are too busy to care. We help profile your data so you only match clients to the sales opportunities that interest them, this builds trust and expertise which keeps you ‘top of mind’.


Want to connect with those people you always run out of time to reach? If you had just one client, how would you manage the relationship? Our marketing automation processes help you apply that single-client approach to every person.

*Source: Dr. Michael LeBoeuf, 2000. How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life; Berkley